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The digital marketing industry in India extends to almost all business sectors. Some of the E-Marketing applications are purchase and order tracking, online banking, payment systems and content management.

The digital marketing industry in India is a booming career today. In a country with a fast growing economy, it is expected to have a very significant growth in the digital marketing career.

Going back to history, the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation reveals the following in 2016.

Between 1971 and 1972, ARPANET is used to organize a sale among the students of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the first example of electronics or digital commerce.

1979: Michael Aldrich demonstrate the 1stt online shopping system.

1981: Thomson Holidays UK is the first business to install an online business system.

1996: MART market in India established in India.

2007: Flipkart was established in India. All commercial or electronic marketing companies mainly use digital media for their marketing purposes.

In 2011, digital marketing statistics revealed that advertising through mobile phones and tablets was 200% lower than in the following years. The growth was in a geometric progression, since it increased to $ 6 billion in 2012.

From 2013 to March 2015, the total increase in investment was 1.5 billion dollars in previous years. There has been an impressive growth up to the present moment. for electronic commerce, Internet advertising, social networks, search, online content and services related to digital marketing.

digital marketing industry in India

Total expenditure on media, digital and mobile Internet advertising in India (2013-2019)

Today, the digital marketing industry in India is growing at its peak and remains continuous. Many factors are responsible for this growth. The use of communication tools has changed a lot in the past year.

The following figure indicates the statistics of digital marketing. The following survey by people indicates the size of the digital marketing industry in India:

34% of companies already had a digital marketing strategy integrated in 2016.

72% of marketing professionals believe that the traditional marketing model is no longer enough and this will cause the company’s revenue to increase by 30% by the end of 2017. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

In 2017, 80% of companies will increase their digital marketing budget that can exceed the IT budget. Only the illiterate could not access the potentials of digital marketing due to the accessibility to computer devices and computer education.

The following are the channels that play an active role in the development of the digital marketing industry in India:

Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry in India

digital marketing in india

The overview of digital marketing reveals that social media has played a supporting role for marketing. Over the years, it has been observed that 92% of social network users are mobile devices. This allows the size of the digital marketing industries.

Digital Marketing Industry in India

Mobile Phone Subscribers in India

The Indian telecommunications market has huge growth opportunities and, according to IAMAI, is projected to exceed 500 million in 2010. According to TRAI, the number of mobile subscribers based in India increased to 980.81 million users in the second quarter of 2015.

Adoption of the device mobile is every day greater. SMS marketing is one of the true channels of mass media in many demographic groups before the convergence of mobile Internet and mobile devices.

Video Marketing

The growing need for visual content has made video marketing one of the most attractive trends in digital marketing in 2017.

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry in India

The email sellers of some of the most successful marketing agencies claim a return of $ 40 for every dollar they invest. From the description of digital marketing, it was discovered that well-targeted email marketing will be one of the most effective ways to guarantee conversions in 2017.

Search & SEO Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry in India

Search & SEO Marketing

As there are changes in the search engines, marketing specialists are also trying to change their ways of addressing the audience to meet the current evolution in the digital marketing industry in India.

Apart from the previous channels through which digital marketing is carried out, activities in the digital marketing industry in India are not limited to social networks, email, content, search engines, etc.

Digital marketing is done internally in which companies can hire staff for their own marketing needs or those of customers. A company can outsource to specialized digital marketing agencies or consultants.

Some of the Digital Marketing Agencies are:

1.iProspect India

iProspect India, from the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) group, is the leading digital marketing agency in India. This digital marketing company helps companies stay ahead of the curve and helps brands gain an advantage over the whole thing.

This organization creates the integral strategies for your brand and executes them for you. Apart from this, it is also a superior creative agency that provides services for the creation of video, text and other forms of creative communication.


Pinstorm is based in India,Mumbai, with offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich and Santa Clara within Thirteen years of its creation. Kindness, advertising, search optimization, viral videos, Facebook campaigns, Twitter updates, listening and responses in real time as a set of perfect tactics that arise from a global brand strategy.


WATConsult is a well-known digital and social media agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). It is a first level consultant that allows brands to co-create, connect and establish a link with their clients.

This is done with the use of digital tools in the way of social and mobile platforms. Their Social Network Consulting services are chosen by the best brands, including Fortune 500 companies.

4.Quasar Media

Quasar Media belongs to WPP group is a digital marketing company that has been able to attract renowned clients in a very short period of time. It was founded by the SVG group and in 2008, 75% of Quasar Media’s participation was acquired by WPP. They have a range of digital media solutions that encompass solutions at all levels.

5.Avignyata Inc.

Avignyata means omnipresent. They are a company that strives to bring the services of websites, mobile applications, social media marketing campaigns, search campaigns and online reputation management to all of India. Avignyata is involved in fulfilling the mandate of the increase in social media marketing in India.

6.Windchimes Communications Pvt . Ltd.

Windchimes is a globally awarded digital media agency that is redefining conventional marketing in a way that the brand speaks to build a dialogue.

We provide the whole range of digital services that include social networks, web and mobile development, design, video and publication solutions, social media advertising, SEO, PPC and educational screens and workshops.

7.Antz Media

Antz Media focus on internet based management of products and services. The company is located in Kochi. they provide the following services: Online brand management, designing solutions, multi level marketing:

They provide all services to the following companies and brands: Melathil, AyurCare, Heal Wellness Solutions, Oberon, Euro Agencies, IAAI, Deeksha, Precission Solutions , Food Circle, Coral Designer Tiles