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This is one of the most popular keyword tools that have been used for two reasons: first, it is directly integrated with Google and is free. In addition, with almost everyone who has a Google account, you can start using it in a short time.

Feature:- provides detailed information about the largest and most commonly used search engine, Google.

Limitations:- Being limited to the Google search engines. If you want to know how your website or certain keyword is performing in other search engines, you can not access that information here.

Prices: free to use

This is an excellent tool for the early stages of SEO of a website.

Long TailPro:

Long TailPro is an Adobe Air desktop application that uses the Google Keyword Tool to obtain keyword data about a specific subset of keywords that the user is interested in analyzing.

This tool will help you find fantastic keywords for your niche / micro niche blogs or sites. Long Tail Pro allows you to create lists of highly relevant keywords based on unique or multiple keywords quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Features: Create multiple projects. (You can have different campaigns for different sites, this will help you stay organized.) Export keywords in Excel spreadsheet format. You can find high-long-tail CPC keywords (excellent for increasing AdSense revenue).

 You can also find available domain names. (If you are creating a micro niche blog, you can use LongTailPro to suggest available domain names, rich in keywords). Check the rankings of Google, Yahoo and Bing for your keywords. He also has a keyword competence verifier.

Limitation: the biggest problem is your inability to recover data constantly.


This is created by an Italian SEO expert and is one of the best free keyword tools to get many keyword suggestions.

Feature: Quite easy to use and absolutely free. It gives the reliable data because this keyword research tool pulls data from Google Suggest, in addition to other keyword suggestion services. The results are usually pretty reliable.

Limitation: it does not have any of the advanced functions that many of its competitors have.

Pricing: Free


This is a product of the manufacturer of SEOQuake, a popular SEO add-on for Firefox. This is not just a keyword research tool; It offers much more. What makes it different from the others is that you only need to add your URL (or your competitor’s URL) and it will show you all the keywords that are classified for that site. This is one of the best keyword research tools for bloggers.

Features: Find the correct keywords forPPC and SEO campaigns. Collect matches of related phrases and keywords. You can get long-running keywords, traffic statistics, search engine reports, Adsense CPC and many other key metrics you need to effectively manage an SEO campaign.

Price: 14-day free trial, publication in which you can choose from multiple package options.


SpyFu is an SEO tool that lives up to its name, as it “spies” the strategies and SEO history of its competitors to give it an advantage with keywords, rankings and PPC campaigns. SpyFu stands out especially for its PPC research, as it investigates new opportunities for campaigns based on the data it collects. It is one of the most feature-rich tools, but it probably has the least attractive interface that exists. SpyFu offers options for SEO and PPC espionage tools along with its own keyword research tool.

The SpyFu toolset covers US and UK markets.

 SpyFu’s toolset includes:

1.SpyFu Kombat
2.SpyFu Classic
3.Keyword Ad History
4.Domain Ad History
5.Keyword Smart Search
6.A Variety of Top 100 Lists

Features:  SpyFu also has several modules.

  1. Website comparison module
  2. Keyword history module
  3. Domain history module
  4. Module of related keywords

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