The optimization of the conversion rate (cro) is the method organized to increase the percentage of visitors to your website, who stayed there and performed the desired actions such as completing a form and becoming customers.

What is a conversion?

A conversion into simple words is a process that meets the objective of the site. If we talk about the Objectives, it is of different types. As if our website is a sales-oriented site whose purpose is to sell products (known as macro-conversion) or convenience for the user to make a purchase.

Before this comes the micro conversion that occurs before a user completes a macro conversion, such as registering to receive emails. These are called micro-conversions.

Examples Macro-conversions

  • Buying a product from the site
  • Requesting a quote
  • Subscribe to a service

Examples of Micro-Conversions

  • Register in email lists
  • Creating an account
  • Adding a product to the cart.

What is a conversion rate?

The conversion rate is directly related to the number of times a user visits your website and completes the objective of your site. If a user can perform conversions on each visit (for example, buying a product), divide the number of conversions by the number of sessions (the number of unique times a user visited your site).

The optimization of the conversion rate occurs after the visit reaches your site. This is different from conversion optimization for SEO or paid ads that focus on who clicks on your site from organic search results, how many clicks you get and what keywords are driving traffic.

CRO benefits SEOs in 5 different ways

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While it is not directly related to attracting organic traffic from websites or ranking in your brand on the search engine results page (SERP), the optimization of the conversion rate has many other SEO aids. what includes:

Improve your customer insights

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you better understand your key audience and find what language or technique can satisfy them. The optimization of the conversion rate focuses mainly on finding the right customers for your business. Therefore, it is very important to capture the target audience. It will definitely help you meet the objective of the site.

Better ROI

 A higher conversion rate means getting more of the resources you have. It requires a deep study, how to get the most out of what you have at your side, and then you will get more conversions without having to attract more clients.

Better scalability

While your audience may not be scalable as your business reaches new levels, while CRO allows you to do so without running out of resources and potential customers. We need to understand that audiences are limited. By focusing more on the target audience, you can turn visitors into buyers. As a result, you can reach the desired heights for your business without running out of potential customers.

Improve users experience

It is very important that the user who visits your website feel interested and educated. If it’s going to happen, they may tend to stay. The conversion rate optimization (CRO) works on what suits our website. By working on it you can expand the visits. And then you will definitely have a better experience with the user.

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